Davis County Medical Associates Opens Walk-In Clinic Two Days a Week

Sore throats, stomach bugs, and ear infections don’t always occur at a convenient time. Beginning December 5th, Davis County Hospital Medical Associates is expanding to include walk-in clinic hours, two days each week, to improve access to clinic services. The Walk-In Clinic hours will begin on Tuesday, December 5th from 7am – 9am, and 5pm – 7pm; followed by hours on Wednesday, December 6th from 7am – 9am, and 5pm – 7pm.

“We are beginning walk-in clinic hours to ensure we’re doing what we can to be there for our customers when they need us,” said Kirby Johnson, CEO. “The Walk-In Clinic is designed to provide convenient, fast treatment for injuries and conditions that are not critical, but need prompt attention.”
Beginning Tuesday, December 5th the walk-in clinic hours are as follows:

Walk-In Clinic Hours

Tuesdays 7am – 9am, and 5pm – 7pm
Wednesdays 7am – 9am, and 5pm – 7pm

The Walk-In Clinic is available to provide treatment for acute problems including cold and flu symptoms, infections, abrasions, sprains and strains, and skin conditions. A full list of conditions that can be treated during the Walk-In Clinic, can be found on www.DavisCountyHospital.org.

“The walk-in clinic is an excellent option to avoid a potentially costly ER visit for individuals of all ages,” stated Carleena Brown, Medical Associates Clinic Director. “Our walk-in clinic is available to treat non-emergency conditions during walk-in clinic hours for your convenience. If a patient arrives at the clinic with a serious illness or injury beyond the scope of the walk-in clinic, they will be sent to the emergency department to receive proper care.”

When isn’t the Walk-In Clinic isn’t open, customers are encouraged to utilize the extended appointment hours. Haleigh Skaggs, Family Practice Nurse Practitioner has appointment times available including some evenings, an early morning, and the lunch hour.

“Our goal is to meet the needs of the community and if needed, move towards additional walk-in clinic hours each week,” said Brown, “It could be costly to expand access to the clinic if it goes unused, therefore we will make sure the demand is there before expanding walk-in hours.”

For more information on the walk-in clinic or to schedule an appointment, you can contact Davis County Hospital Medical Associates at 641-664-3832. Davis County Hospital Medical Associates is located within Davis County Hospital at 509 N Madison, Bloomfield.