Walk-In Clinic Hours Discontinuing

Wednesday, July 18th will be the last day of the Walk-In Clinic hours at Davis County Hospital Medical Associates. The Walk-In Clinic will remain open for its regular hours, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7am-9am, and 5pm -7pm until that date. The number of patients utilizing the Walk-In Clinic has been low since its opening in November of 2017, averaging only 2-3 patients per week, and the volume has not grown.

“While we have tried to expand access, and move towards additional walk-in clinic hours, we have not seen an increased usage with these extended times,” stated Catherine Hillestad, Interim CEO. “Since opening the Walk-In Clinic in November, we have seen less than 200 patients, which is not a sustainable option moving forward. We want to ensure that options such as a walk-in clinic, or extended hours, are being utilized to their best potential for our patients and community, as well as the best use of our resources.”

“Access to high quality care for the Davis County community remains a priority, therefore we are continuing to look at additional opportunities for patients to receive care outside regular business hours,” said Hillestad.

With the closing of the Walk-In Clinic, Davis County Medical Associates continues to encourage customers to utilize the extended appointment hours available, including same day appointments. Haleigh Skaggs, Family Practice Nurse Practitioner has appointment times available including some evenings, an early morning, and the lunch hour.

To schedule an appointment, you can contact Davis County Hospital Medical Associates at 641-664-3832. Davis County Hospital Medical Associates is located within Davis County Hospital at 509 N Madison, Bloomfield.