About Davis County Hospital

Davis County Hospital came to life with the help of many passionate Davis County residents who knew the value a local hospital would bring to their communities and health. They were determined to make it happen, and passed a vote to build the hospital in 1947.

After a long history of building better, healthier lives for Davis County residents, Davis County Hospital became a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in 2002. Read about the benefits of being a CAH in our FAQ.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide:

  • Patients, families and friends with exceptional healthcare experiences;
  • Highly qualified, engaged staff who look forward to caring for their fellow community members every day;
  • Expert medical providers who are proud to care for Davis County Hospital patients;
  • An indispensable healthcare resource to our communities

Our Mission

Davis County Hospital is committed to working together to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care with integrity and trust.

MercyOne Affiliation

We are a MercyOne Affiliate, which allows us to partner with MercyOne – Des Moines through a management and CAH agreement. The Davis County Hospital Board of Trustees maintains complete control of Davis County Hospital operations, while taking advantage of the cost savings, management expertise and educational offerings available to a larger, tertiary facility such as MercyOne.