Doctors Mary and Ron Graeff Join Medical Staff

October 27, 2014– Davis County Hospital is pleased to announce the pending arrival of two new physicians. Husband and wife, Dr. Mary Graeff is a pediatrician and Dr. Ron Graeff offers allergy, asthma, and other respiratory services to people of all ages including children.

Dr. Mary Graeff MD is a board certified pediatrician who has been practicing in southern Iowa for almost 20 years. Dr. Graeff earned her MD from the University of Iowa in 1993. She has been at Keokuk County Medical Clinic since 2008 and prior to that spent eleven years at Ottumwa Pediatrics. Dr. Graeff will offer a wide range of general pediatric services to youth from birth up to age 21 including sports physicals, behavioral pediatrics (which deals with issues including ADHD and developmental problems), and well-visits. Dr. Graeff believes in the importance of developing a relationship with both the children and his/her parents in order to better understand and treat the unique problems of each child. She will be starting on December 1st.


Dr. Ron Graeff MD treats adult and pediatric allergies and asthma as well as pediatric pulmonology. A 1991 graduate of the University of Iowa School of Medicine, Dr. Graeff has been practicing at the Mahaska Health Partnership for the past six years and for the ten years before that practiced at Ottumwa Allergy and Pulmonology. He will be helping people of all ages improve their quality of life with all varieties of allergies, and respiratory problems- most commonly asthma, which affects 25 million Americans. Dr. Graeff enjoys working with children and adults emphasizing the benefits of a long doctor-patient relationship towards better care. As he says, “No one wants to come to the doctor so we should try to have a good time.” Dr. Ron Graeff will begin to offer services in Bloomfield in January.

The Graeffs are excited about the opportunity to join Davis County Hospital’s medical staff and become partners with Dr. Robert Floyd – Internal Medicine, Dr. Jake Settles – General Surgery, Dr. Trina Settles – Family Practice, and Beverly Oliver, ARNP – Family Practice.

Davis County Hospital will begin scheduling appointments immediately. To schedule, simply call 641-664-2145.